What is Urology?

Urologists or Urological Surgeons are combined medical and surgical specialists who treat men and women with kidney, bladder and urinary problems. Urologists also care for men's sexual and reproductive health, including prostate cancer.

You will have been referred to Dr Campbell by your GP, or another Specialist, because of urological symptoms that you are experiencing. After you have made an appointment, you will be sent a letter with more details about the practice. This will include important instructions that will allow you to obtain the most benefit out of this initial consultation.

At the time of your initial consultation there will be a discussion of your problem. You may also be offered the opportunity to undertake further tests or procedures to allow a final diagnosis to be determined. Subsequently, all results and treatment options will be discussed with you and your family to devise a management plan that is appropriate to your individual situation. Surgery may or may not be required.